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All the songs on this page can be played on lever or pedal harps. They remain in the same key for the whole piece, so no lever or pedal changes are required.


If you play lever harp, please see Lever Harp Sheet Music for additional pieces that have been especially arranged for lever harp. These include lever changes which have been clearly indicated on the scores.


If you play pedal harp, please see Pedal Harp Sheet Music for additional pieces for pedal harp.  Pedal changes are clearly noted on the scores.


This page is a work in progress - more Youtube and MP3 links will be added in time. However, through the sheet music links you can hear a computer-generated sound sample and preview the first few pages of each song.

kids' beginner harp sheet music

Children's Songs for Harp - Book 1 - A collection of 13 children's songs arranged for beginner harp students.  Fingers and note groupings are clearly indicated on the score. All songs in the key of C major so not only are no levers or pedals required but the student can become familiar with learning to read a smaller range of notes.


Children's Songs for Harp Book 2 - 15 songs for the slightly more advanced beginner student.  Builds on techniques learnt in Book 1 while further extending the student with more hands-together playing.


Below are some titles from either of the above books that can be purchased separately:   

easy pop harp sheet music

other easy harp  music

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intermediate pop harp sheet music

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A Groovy Kind of Love - Phil Collins




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Mystique - WATCH